IT Security & Assurance

Information technology threats are always evolving. Major breaches have become common news.   Businesses unaware of gaps in the protection of their IT infrastructure are vulnerable.  The protection and security of company data is key to the success of any business. Let us help you make sure your environment is as secure as it can be.

  • Our security professionals can help you navigate tedious and intimidating audits and state statute compliance
  • Better understand the exposure of your existing systems with a Network Vulnerability Assessment (NVA)
  • Get the ongoing high level guidance you would expect from a Chief Information Security Officer at a fraction of the cost

Audit & Compliance Assistance

The value of an independent, objective audit of  your security program against industry and regulatory standards cannot be underestimated. We work with  businesses and organizations to ensure their infrastructure provides the protection they need and demand, and complies with industry best practices.

  • SOC 1 Audits (SSAE 16)
  • SOC 2 Audits
  • FFIEC and NCUA Compliance
  • HIPAA security audits
  • State and other Federal regulatory compliance audits
  • Other standards audits on request

Security Assessments

Assessments provide you with an understanding of the state of your organization’s network and policies and help you identify areas that may need improvement.

  • Comprehensive Network Vulnerability Assessments allow you to have a deep understanding of critical flaws in your environment and how to fix them
  • Policy reviews to ensure your IT security policies meet current standards
  • Business Continuity and Disaster recovery planning guidance.  Let us help you along the way or design the plan from the ground up

Information Security Training

An organization's end users are its greatest threat to data security.  Only one user has to fall for a phishing or malicious email to cause a security incident or data breach.  The more users an organization has the more vulnerable they are.  Comprehensive and recurring training is quickly becoming a requirement.

  • Test your end users against simulated phishing attacks with a wide variety of customize-able templates.
  • Report on who falls for the attack and assign appropriate follow up training (on demand web video).
  • Schedule regular follow up tests to keep security top of mind and report on the results.